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Clay Ballard | Top Speed Golf Founder | Master Instructor

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I’ve been teaching golf forever. But I am really a student and teacher of biomechanics. I have always enjoyed studying the best players of all sports.

I’ve been addicted to golf since my first 18 holes at twelve years old. From there I played in college and a little on the mini tours. Unfortunately while I was playing full time, I never reached my full potential for ball striking. I always had unanswered questions.

Feeling like I was always “missing a piece” to the swing fueled my fire for knowledge on the game. Since then I have learned 2 very important things everyone should know.

  • Once we know how to move the body, we can control our club, and therefore the ball.
  • When improving our game, it is important to change the one thing that will fix 5 or 10 things. This is the basis for the huge results you can get from the 5 moves of the Top Speed Golf System

After years, and countless hours of research, I have found the keys to great ball striking. I play a lot less and hardly practice now, but I hit the ball farther and more solidly than when I was practicing full time.

I will share those same secrets that have helped my golf game and hundreds of my students on this website.

So if you are ready to Drive it Farther, Compress the Golf Ball, and be The Guy in your group everyone is jealous of, let’s get started!!

Robin "Mr. Distance" Rosado | Director of Instruction in Orlando |Level 1 Instructor

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Before I became an instructor I was a player myself. I had a successful junior golf career which allowed me to play 2 years of Division 1 golf at the University of South Carolina. My college career was halted due to injury but after graduating I competed for several years on the mini tours.

Playing the mini tours lead to an opportunity to become the Head Golf Professional at a local public golf course. My golf course was the most played 18 hole public golf course in the nation. It was here where I first began giving in-person lessons (to whoever would listen to me talk), and it taught me how to teach every level player and how people learn differently.

I'm also the current head golf coach of the First Academy boys team. I helped lead them to a state championship in 2019 and state runner-ups in 2020. We have had numerous players go on to play Division 1 college golf. Looking back at it, these accomplishments have been the perfect stepping stone for my role as Director of Instruction at Top Speed Golf.

I've now been coaching for over 10 years. I've coached players of all ages and genders from beginners to tour players. I've helped conduct 11 distance clinics at Top Speed Golf where my students have gained an average of 28 yards over 3 days! And that's with an average age of 63 years young! I also handle all of the in-person lessons for Top Speed Golf.

Coaching is my passion. I'm fortunate to have found something that I really enjoy to do and happen to be pretty good at as well. I feel my strength is being able to get to know my students and adapt my teaching to how they can best learn this awesome game! And I'm ready to help you do the same!!

“A coach will impact more people in one year than the average person will in an entire lifetime” Billy Graham.

Quentin Patterson | Director of Online Instruction | Level 2 Instructor

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I'm very excited to be a part of Top Speed Golf.

I originally found TSG when I was perusing the internet for video of pro swings. After binge watching nearly all of Clay’s free videos, I found that he and I share a lot of the same ideas.

I also picked up a great deal of new knowledge. Given that I have a Mechanical Engineering degree, I love that TSG is based mainly on science and facts. There is no “one size fits all” swing.

I've always been a good player, having played 4 years of college golf, but my game is better now than ever after going through the TSG System.

This is why I jumped at the chance to become a TSG Certified Instructor and later the Director of Online Instruction for the company.

I want to help you take your game to the next level just like I did. So, let’s get started!

Ronnie Snowden | Online Instructor | Level 1 Instructor

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Ronnie here, and I’ve been in your shoes…

I struggled forever with what I call the “Golfer’s Cycle” where you may find the occasional temporary fix that works for a while…

…but before you know it, you’re back into the same bad habits. There’s never any lasting improvement and it feels like your scores will always stay in the same range.

Then one lesson changed everything for me…

My steep, inconsistent downswing turned into a shallow, ball-compressing downswing.

Once I learned I had to start releasing the club face to close it down, it was like I’d been given the keys to a game that I’d never played before.

All of a sudden, I was hitting the ball more solidly than I’d ever hit it in my life and it felt like the sky was the limit on how good my game could get.

In fact, the very next weekend, I was scheduled to play in the 5th Flight of my local match play event…

…and in my practice round,I fired a 66. While my opponents that weekend weren’t too thrilled about my newly-discovered golf game, I was seeing the game from a totally different perspective.

It was an incredible feeling, and I want to giveyouthat same experience.

You see, there are certain swing flaws that limit how much you CAN improve.

But if you can nail the 5 REAL FUNDAMENTALS of the Top Speed Golf System…

…the possibilities are endless.

I’ve been studying these REAL FUNDAMENTALS for the past 5 years…

…I’ve been through all the courses and the system myself, including the20 Minute Distance Fixand the20 Minute Shallowing Fix…

Not to mention, I’ve spent 100’s of hours studying the swing directly under Clay…

…so I’m confident that I can give you the perfect gameplan for YOUR swing, and have you playing the best golf of your life soon!

With your All Access Membership and my Swing Review Program, you’re equipped with all the tools you’ll need to get that “sky’s the limit” feeling for your golf game!

Talk soon!

Ronnie Snowden

Chris Hunsucker | Online Instructor | Level 1 Instructor

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I have played professional golf for many years, but I also have 19 years of teaching experience. I was a member of the 2000 World team that Mark O'Meara captained in the China vs World Matches in Shenzhen, China. The following year I was offered a teaching position at Diamondback Golf Academy in San Antonio, TX. This opportunity allowed me to be at home with my growing family.

Fast forward 15 years and still teaching ......

At age 50, My 3 kids are older and I was given the opportunity to play professional golf again by Lincoln Heritage Insurance. Even after teaching for 14 years, I knew if I was going to be competitive I needed more than a few golf lessons. I needed someone who is well versed in the Bio Mechanics of the golf swing. After finding Clay at Top Speed Golf, I knew he was the right person to help me prepare for the journey ahead. It proved to be a great decision and I couldn’t have found a nicer person than Clay Ballard! I’m proud to say after going through the TSG system I have won 2 Texas Senior State Opens and I have shot 59 in a local event held in San Antonio, TX. Not to mention, an 8 MPH increase in club head speed.

I have always believed in the TSG system and would recommend it to anyone at any skill level! In March of 2020 I was given the opportunity to join the TSG team.

I’m proud to be a part of a company that has high ethical standards and truly cares about helping the customer improve their game based on science and researched facts. The value of the information TSG provides is priceless!

I look forward to helping you improve your game.

Michael Derr | Online Instructor | Level 1 Instructor

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My journey in golf isn’t the typical one, which gives me a hugely unique, yet advantageous perspective to all of my students. All my life I was a great athlete. I even played some minor league baseball. ...but the first thing I quickly realized when I started in golf was that none of that really mattered.

After about 6 months of training for golf and terrible lesson after terrible lesson… I found Clay Ballard.

When we started working together, I was frustrated and shooting in the 90's (roughly a 20 handicap).

Since 2014, Clay and I have spent many hours together talking about how I could improve my game. We even tested many of the great teaching methods that eventually became extremely successful courses like the Top Speed Golf System, 20 Minute Distance Fix, and Ball Striking Masterclass. This was all before those courses existed.

I was a bit of a guinea pig for these systems. I've tested these methods in my own game, and now with my own students. I even have a few top secret practice regimens that Clay and I came up with together, that have never been released anywhere.

Like I said before, I started by shooting in the 90's. I am now a +2.8 handicap (better than scratch) and getting better. That's a 23 stroke improvement!! When I started seeing such great improvement in my game. I started teaching golf. I've now helped many students learn the principles that have helped me, and I have also seen them have tremendous success.

Working directly with Clay at the beginning of Top Speed Golf and improving my own game from a very average player to a top tier golfer gives me the unique opportunity to bring my journey to my students.

I am very excited to work with you!

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